Parker & Momma

Where to start with this duo! Hands down Parker is one of the smartest two year-olds i have ever had the pleasure of meeting (and she knows how to wink; which this girl can not)! She loves her Momma so so much & I loved during the whole session just randomly if we were on a location or in the car driving they would say "i love you", they melted my heart! There were tons to choose from with these two gals, so even though my fav picks are still quite a few, it was just to hard to pick! These baby blues will take your breath away! So enjoy, my favorites of Parker & her mom, Avie! :)

good ship lolli-pop; this photo has taken my heart for my new most favorite photograph.

a huge thank you to Busy Brush Gallery & Gifts for letting us your amazing building; it is soo amazing.

new stuff!

So like I told all of you some new things I'm trying to do to get flash photography off the ground! So, I want to offer you guys some cool stuff with the photos that I take for you. So after waiting 2 weeks after putting in my application, Canvas4Life took me in as one of their photographers! So below is a sample of the smallest canvas you can get that they sent me for a sample! So yay! Can't wait to let you guys in on the other stuff!

pictures are of the back of the canvas, the thickness, & the front :)

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