Charlie & Megan are getting married!! | Fort Wayne Engagement Photographer

I am so excited for you to meet these two! You have seen their cute little boy, but get used to see these two because I will be photographing their destination wedding in Gatlinburg, TN this October! I am so excited, its going to be beautiful! I had never meet Charlie before, he was one of the most nice people I have ever met. He even lugged around all my props! I am thinking about making him my assistant ;) Megan  & Charlie are wonderful together, I love seeing couples in love interact & these pictures show that! We also got to snag some family & a few of Tucker for his 2 year, even though he just wasnt feeling it!

Fun Fact: Charlie's last name is Brown! :)

the sun was so yummy this evening; I of course was llovvvinggg it.

Isn't she just going to make the most beautiful bride?

Cale | Fort Wayne Birth Photographer

This birth was different the other births I have photograph. I was equally as honored to do this one, but this was a cesarean birth; so it was quite sometime before I got to see baby, or momma see her baby for that matter. I was in complete awe of these two families of Ashley & Kendalls. The joy was equally bursting from each of them; & to see two completely different families come together for their child; for the birth of their child & grandchild, was amazing to experience. They have one daughter who flawless was taken care of by her 4 grandparents. Each of them chewing at the bit to see how momma & baby were doing. & most of all know the name that Kendall & Ashley hadn't told until momma was in the room after delivery. They named him Cale. He was absolutely beautiful.

Edwards & Hoffman families; Thank you so much for letting me photograph this beautiful little boy of yours. & most of all thank you for letting me see your wonderful families interact. It was truly beautiful.

Little Miss Tea Party- Mini sessions

I love mini sessions! I think they are so funny & keep me busy! I have quite a few more mini session installments for you all! It is a great alternative for someone who doesnt want a full session! I had a litterly LAST minute idea for mini sessions & luckily have a amazing clients that sign up with less then a weeks notice! I loved seeing old faces & meeting new & welcoming them to the Flash Photography family. So many of these little girls stole my heart, & I loved their mommas; I hope to see them soon! All my PM sessions were canceled but I hope to set something up with each other them soon as well!

Thank you to all the mommas from this weekend! Your girls are beautiful! I hope you love these pictures, because I know I do. Some of my faves ever!

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