Baker | Fort Wayne Extended Family Photographer

One thing I love about my job, is when old friends get ahold of me to photograph their families! I haven't seen Samantha for...well..ever. This family was litterly so fun! For being a family of 11, this went off without a hitch. One minor breakdown at the beginning but other than that, this family had me laughing the session away!
Baker family thank you for giving me the pleasure of photographing your family!
can you guess who had the breakdown? :)

seriously in love this!


Allyson & Johnathyn | Fort Wayne Family Photographer

A little something new I am offering is a Mommy & Me package!
This was the first of hopefully, many of these sessions!
I am sure you remember that adorable little boy in the cereal bowl?
Well this is him, but with his beautiful Mommy!
For those that know Jake, SHHHHH! This is a wedding day present! :)

If you are interested in a Mommy & Me session, email me at!

Mack | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

I got the pleasure of photographing this small intimate wedding. The twist, I had to be emotional best friend because my best friend from childhood was getting married; & photographer. This wedding was that of around 10 people & couldn't be more perfect. Their two girls came down the isle accompanied by Jerica's brother. The day was all around perfect. We couldn't get too much outside since it was FREEZING & RAINING. really April, there better be a whole mess of May flowers. But, they were champs with the few we did get!

Congrats Nick & Jerica! I love you both & your amazing daughter more than anything!

story behind this picture, Jerica was re-piercing her sisters ear. This was taken when it went thru! haha
waiting for his bride

beyond gorgeous 

Keen | Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer

You remember this little guy right?
Welllll he's back for his newborn session! & even better you will be seeing him a few more times in the next few months :)
Let me just tell you about this little session. I had a last minute cancellation so I hurry & emailed Laura to see if she wanted it! She did! I immediately emailed my etsy girl to overnight a hat for this wonderful session. No problem it would be there Friday. Wrong. So I put a cry out for help to all my photog friends! Luckily Gill from Gillian Dyan Photography said she had 3 I could use! SCORE! I drove 45 mins to get them, got back just in time for Keen's session! Put a hat on them, none fit! haha Regardless though these pictures are amazing with no hat!

By the way when I got home my hat I ordered was in the mailbox :)

Hursh | Fort Wayne Family Photographer

What a wonderful family! I love, love, love big families. Like love them. I wish I could have one! They were so fun, & I loved the way the older siblings take of the younger. Momma is beyond beautiful! I just can't say enough about how fun it was to be with this family for a hour or so! The weather was a little chilly, but I am in love with these images, in love!

Thank you Hursh Family for allowing me to photograph your amazing family!

Keen | Fort Wayne Birth Photographer

I don't think I will ever not feel entirely blessed & honored when someone asks me to photograph the birth of their child. It is truly amazing to experience. I cry & get goose bumps everytime. This birth was no exception. Laura went thru a very very long labor. I got a text from dad saying she was starting to push, so I jumped in my car & flew over there. & waited out in the waiting from with Laura's beyond nice sister, mother & adorable niece. & we waited & we waited. We waited 4 hours of this poor girl pushing. Apparently Keen wanted to make his momma work for the cute-ness she was getting ready to have.

As I came into the room, Justin {dad} was bed-side with Laura. Honestly saying things to the mother of his child, & perfect son that you only see in movies. This family is more than perfect. & I can't wait to see & possibly photography? grow! Justin & Laura Thank you so so much for giving me the honor of photographing this amazing special day in your lives! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEEN!

i love the raw emotion on his face

excited grandma!!

i dont know if this smile ever left her face!!

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