tuggle family phoot shoot!

the tuggle family! boy was this a exciting bunch! there was never a dull moment, the kids were go go go & were tooo sweet & fun! this family is not only one amazing looking family but also sweet, funny, & junk like that too! :p plus they got to get ice cream after the shoot if they sat & smiled well! who could ask for a better super-mama! with Madison & Triston being so close in age they couldn't be anymore different I picked up on each personality rather quickly with Madison not missing a beat and very friendly & energetic, and Triston being shy but the biggest sweetheart! Not to mention their amazing mother that juggles these two kiddos! :)
not to mention i think my front living room did us pretty darn good ha!
It was my pleasure & honor to photograph this family & hope all of you enjoy this family as much as i did!


EAlferez said...

LOVE THEM!!!! Especially the 9th one down of the kiddos :)

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