2011- a personal post

This is something new for me getting personal on this blog; which is something that will change this year but I feel like it is needed & I need to give all of my clients a explanation.

My husband & I have struggled with infertility & miscarriages for the past about 3 years; we lost 2 babies before giving birth to our daughter whom you all see frequently on my facebook page! She is such a miracle & we worked so hard for her. On top of all this pregnancy is extremely hard on my body; my body tries to get rid of this precious miracles & i get meds to keep them & I get very very sick in turn, my body is in a complete war for a few months.

So, At the beginning of the year we were told our chances of another child were slim to none,despite 2 drs advisement not to try they said if we wanted to, we needed to become pregnant by August;with fear of giving birth at 14to24 weeks, for a infertile any dead line to get pregnant by is scaryMy Husband & I couldnt see ourselves with just one child, & after several cycles of fertility drugs August came & went. We were absolutely devestated! But on September 11th my birthday we found out we were expecting! Which if you are a client, was contacting me about a session, had a session or just a follower on Facebook noticed I kinda dropped off the face of the earth. I became SO sick, I was in & out of the hospital; unable to barely take care of my child let alone my buisness. At one point the dr was postive we were losing our precious baby; & I was on strict orders to stay in bed, but I had a wedding that day & spent 12 hours on my feet. No one knew I was pregnant up until very recently, so there is was no way I could tell my beautiful bride what I was going thru on her most special day.
I know MANY of you were upset/frustrated with your wait times or with trying to contact me over the course of the last several months; but that in its self should show how much all my clients mean to me. I work so hard for each & everyone of you I hope you all realize that once you do get your images.

This year is going to be so much different then last, on top of bringing in a new baby girl come spring I will obvisouly be taking on less work load. I was doing 3-4 sessions a week on top of weddings last year; even while I was increbibly sick. I will be hiring a nanny to be able to devote more time to my work. But again, will be taking on incredibly less sessions this year. I am also will only be taking maybe about 3 weddings this year.

But I wanted to give a this apology/explanation to all of you & let everyone know I am now booking for 2012! With me taking on such little amount of sessions it is honestly never too early to book, I already have people on my calendar just from last year; so if you are wanting a session for spring/summer or even fall dont hesitate! 

I hope you all understand & I also hope you like the somewhat more personal post; because there are many more to come! I want you all to hire me not only because of my work but because of ME, there is nothing worse than getting to you session/wedding & just not clicking with your photographer. You want to be yourself & be YOU. So hopefully I can achieve that with doing more personal posts!

So HAPPY 2012 to all of you! :)


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