Keen | Fort Wayne Birth Photographer

I don't think I will ever not feel entirely blessed & honored when someone asks me to photograph the birth of their child. It is truly amazing to experience. I cry & get goose bumps everytime. This birth was no exception. Laura went thru a very very long labor. I got a text from dad saying she was starting to push, so I jumped in my car & flew over there. & waited out in the waiting from with Laura's beyond nice sister, mother & adorable niece. & we waited & we waited. We waited 4 hours of this poor girl pushing. Apparently Keen wanted to make his momma work for the cute-ness she was getting ready to have.

As I came into the room, Justin {dad} was bed-side with Laura. Honestly saying things to the mother of his child, & perfect son that you only see in movies. This family is more than perfect. & I can't wait to see & possibly photography? grow! Justin & Laura Thank you so so much for giving me the honor of photographing this amazing special day in your lives! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEEN!

i love the raw emotion on his face

excited grandma!!

i dont know if this smile ever left her face!!


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