Keen | Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer

You remember this little guy right?
Welllll he's back for his newborn session! & even better you will be seeing him a few more times in the next few months :)
Let me just tell you about this little session. I had a last minute cancellation so I hurry & emailed Laura to see if she wanted it! She did! I immediately emailed my etsy girl to overnight a hat for this wonderful session. No problem it would be there Friday. Wrong. So I put a cry out for help to all my photog friends! Luckily Gill from Gillian Dyan Photography said she had 3 I could use! SCORE! I drove 45 mins to get them, got back just in time for Keen's session! Put a hat on them, none fit! haha Regardless though these pictures are amazing with no hat!

By the way when I got home my hat I ordered was in the mailbox :)


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