Cash | Fort Wayne Children Photographer

Seriously ya'll, this little boy When Jada {cash's momma} asked me to do this 3-month pictures I was SO excitied & all though I didn't get to do them; I was just as equally excitied to do his 9-month pictues! Grandma came along on the session & was cracking me up! I didn't get to actually see her, but the shadows, nosies from behind me were enough! All three were so much fun! We didn't get to many smiles out of mister man, as he was teething; but when we did it was perfect! Even though he didn't smile these are some amazing pictures, very baby GQ! ;)

Hope to see you back for a one year session!


Amy said...

I can't decide which picture of Cash is my favorite. Each picture is cuter than the last.
-Amy G

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