Zander&Zailynn | Fort Wayne Children Photographer

With mother nature being bi-polar lately I wasn't sure this session would still be on, but the rain held out! Zander is 2 & not quite terrible but very adventurous, he wanted nothing do with me or my camera unless there was discussion of dinosaurs involved ;) Zaliynn on the the other hand is 6 weeks old, now I know I have talked about "oldborns" but she is pretty much ancient in newborn pose-wise; did this take away from her amazing pose-ness NOPE! This girl was amazing, she even did the head in chin pose which is really difficult to do with a "newborn"! Brother didn't want a pictures with little sister, but I am sensing a family session in the near future! Anyway,I think that these pictures are just amazing!

SO you wanna see these cute kids right?!? RIGHT!

LOVE! the petals on the ground make this perfect :)


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