Lanie | Fort Wayne Children Photographer

This amazingly adorable little girl is Lanie. She will be 3 months in just a few short days! I love being able to challenge myself with my work & try new things. When Lanie fell asleep for a nap there is only so much you can take of a sleeping 3 month old. So I thought "eh" I will try a newborn pose. & BAM! She posed perfectly! I got several more! I was so shocked! She was out like a light; even when a man came reving his tractor with two loud children in tow, letting them run around & scream our little set up not a flinch! With Fourth of July in a few days Lanie showed her pride & then later after the nap {when she was less then thrilled with me} got into a pebbles get up! To.Die.For. Her momma made the bone & it so happens the dress looks just like Pebbles. YES pebbles you know from The Flinstones, Adorable right? :)

Lanie, you are beautiful & I hope your Momma & Daddy enjoy these amazing pictures of your cuteself!

 Look at the curls! GAH, adorable.

This is the "you wake me up, you move me around when I am sleeping; go ahead try to put that lens in my face one more time"- face ;)


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