Caitlin & Kids | Fort Wayne Family Photographer

I love when families come back to me, & seeing how the children have grown! These two cuties were no exception! Liam was just sitting up our last session & Aubrey probally has grown 5 ft since then ;)
They all are just as gourgeous & fun to be around. Our last session was after the passing of the childrens father & Caitlin wanted to still incorprate him in the pictures which I loved doing for her. This session she wanted to do the same but with all 3 of his children as a gift to the grandmothers. I think it all turned out great!

Caitlin thanks for letting me again capture your beautiful little family! :)

This is just about the only one I got of mister man, he just wasn't feeling the session!

i love capturing mommas, just being mommas :)

this is them to a "t" 


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