Hi all! As I previously posted my prices would be raising at the beginning of July. & Here we are at the beginning of July.

So far with my work I have meet people whom I now call friends, been invited to birthday parties, shared tears with births of their babies, been beyond graciously tipped & invited into your homes.

Let me start by saying how much I LOVE my work, I beyond love it & I hope that each of my previous clients can attest to that. But, I do have a family which consists of a 7 month old, a husband & a 4 bedroom home that has entirely too much stuff to clean ;) Not only that I babysit children during the week.

So let’s do the math here 7 day a week mom , wife,homemaker & babysitter. & on quite a few weeks a month doing 4 session  sometimes 5 sessions & maybe a wedding a week. Not only am I shooting those events but, I am editing all week long, making discs & sending them out!

This was a decision that was actually extremely difficult for me to make. I have fought back & fourth with this issue. But had to come to this price raise. Not only has my time gone up with my work {I edit,market, & shoot 24/7 & it has taken a great deal amount of time from my family, & uhh clean-ness of my home} but so has my equipment leaving me making little to no profit. It is also hard with everyone & their brother now proclaiming they are a “photographer” & charging little to nothing on session fees for less than professional work with a online editing program.

This is why this is a hard decision: let me give you a scenario. You walk into your local CVS to get some Tylenol & see the generic . Tylenol has the ingredient crospovidone & so does the generic. But the generic version is $5 cheaper. Done- You go with the generic, the obvious decision.

You are not a pharmacist. The generic maybe leagues weaker, but your outright decision & comparison was when you saw the price difference.

From day one I wanted to give you  affordable photography & still give you an amazing experience & photos. But, how can I compete with “Jane” in the next city over only charging $25 {exaggeration} a session.

What I am getting to is I know I may lose some of you awesome people as reoccurring clients due to my $15 raise for an average session. But, I hope that you will first look into quality & not the “quantity” of session fee before making your decision. And know that I put my all into your photos & you are getting much more than you are paying for with the love & energy I put into each of your sessions.

For those of whom have already booked your session, my previous prices will stay the same.

PS. “Jane” in the next city over & the price of $25 was just for example. If there is a “Jane” in the next city over charging $25 this was purely coincidental.  J


m steele said...

I completely agree with what you are saying. Your photos are beautiful, which means you have taken the time and poured yourself into the craft. And probably invested in some expensive equipment and editing programs. Then, along comes sally, jane, and molly with a 300 dollar camera and picasa and calls herself a "photographer" , undercuts everyone and produces no better than what one could take on a phone! Unfortunately, a lot of good, professional photographers have dropped out for the very same reason....

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